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 August 2017

Drought?  What Drought?

Remember how dry it was for the first few months of this year?  Then the rainy season comes and it all turns around in no time at all. 

When you look at the Seafarers' calendar for August, it may be tempting to think that our club is in a little drought for activities - but it's just the season, folks.  When the summer heat breaks you'll see the Seafarers come thundering back, busier than ever.  In the meantime, rest up - you won't want to be left behind.

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Commodore's Report: by Harry Ensley

Well, the dog days of summer are upon us.  Things have slowed down and even the boating activity has dropped off.  In July, we had two cruises, one to Salty Sam’s Marina in Ft. Myers and the other to Palm Island Marina, which is under new management and has had several improvements to the marina.  Unfortunately, the lunch cruise to the Fishery Restaurant was cancelled since only two boats had signed up.  We currently have no cruises scheduled for August but that could change at any time so check the Seafarers calendar.

As I write this month’s Waypoints article, I’m sitting on top of a houseboat on Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO.  Peggy and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary by having a family reunion/vacation with family from California, Ohio, Texas, Indiana, Louisiana and Florida.  The reunion allowed our cross country cousins to get acquainted. The whole family (22 of us) are having a fantastic time playing in and on the water.  My only complaint is with the navigation equipment on this 73-ft., 7-bedroom barge.  The houseboat is very nice and the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are great but the boat doesn’t have a gps at all.  Not only that, it doesn’t even have a compass!  The charter company said that a gps and compass aren’t necessary since it is a lake.  But this lake is over 100 miles long and stretches over 2 states.  Regardless, we are having a terrific reunion and family vacation.

I hope everything is going well down in Punta Gorda and we will back soon.

Let the good times roll,



Membership Report: by Gayle Clark, Director

Still quiet here in Punta Gorda. We remain at 272 members.



Education Report: by John Tiller, Director

Food and Drink

Most of these articles are about serious topics, like preventing boat fires and how to handle emergencies on a boat.  This article is a little different; it focuses on the REALLY SERIOUS aspect of boating – food and drink.
BoatUS recently published two articles that caught my eye, and I thought they deserved to be shown in full.  Rather than summarize the articles, the links are below.  These are available to the general public, just type the address in your browser.

Beer – most of us like a good beer on occasion.  This articles addresses “nautically inspired beers.” So, pick one that matches your nautical interests.

Grilling – I never knew there was a credible electric grill, which certainly addresses the “no open fires” rules in places.  See if any of these grills excite you.  http://www.boatus.com/magazine/archives/grilling-on-your-boat.asp

And, enjoy the summer – oh wait, that is year-round for us in PGI.



Cruising Report: by Gary Cameron, Director

Fellow Seafarers, the summer heat/rain has fully set in and appears to have impacted the Seafarer Spirit of our membership somewhat. Karl Moeller led a July fourth cruise to Salty Sams to enjoy the fireworks, two boats attended. 

Jim Crumbaugh led a group of four boats to Palm Island Resort on the 14th. As usual, a good time was had by those who attended. 

The lunch cruise scheduled for July 19th to the Fishery was canceled due to lack of people signed up for the event. I understand that a few Seafarers got together for lunch at a location closer to home.

August has no events planned at this point. Hopefully we can get back on track in Sept/Oct. information will be posted on our web site as usual.

Enjoy your summer wherever you may be.



Social Events: by Mike Slattery, Director

July was a really busy month for the Seafarers. 

Both happy hours at St. Andrews were well attended and fun for all.

We had a Pot Luck Docktails Dinner at the July 25th meeting that was enjoyed by all.   Great thanks also to the volunteers that helped with setup, in the kitchen, and with cleanup.  And, a great big thank you to everyone who brought such tasty and interesting appetizers.

There was no social event for July except the happy hours. 

Don't forget the happy hours at St. Andrews on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

I don't have anything planned yet for August.




Events at a Glance


Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
General Membership Meeting PGICA 5:30 pm
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm


The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Our Cynthia Cowdrey is back as the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should contact her. 

Her email is ladyofpalmas@hotmail.com and her phone number is 941-575-5671.


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