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 April 2017

April 1st News

On 12:01 am on April 1st, the Florida Organization for Overflow Limitation (F.O.O.L.) officially announces the beginning of construction of the Okeechobee Origin to PGI Security (O.O.P.S.) canal.

F.O.O.L. projects that the 47 mile OOPS canal, to be completed by 2023 or 2026, whichever comes first, will substantially eliminate the danger of overflow of Lake Okeechobee, while bringing the same benefits to Charlotte Harbor that the Caloosahatchee has brought to Fort Myers and Sanibel.

As the first project for the newly-formed organization, the planners of this project are confident that it signals the beginning of F.O.O.L.'s day in the sun.

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Commodore's Report: by Harry Ensley

If you are like me, you use the Seafarers website http://www.pgiseafarers.org/ to get to the calendar to see what events are upcoming and to sign up for those you want to attend. And that’s it.

There is so much more information there.  Look through the links on the left side of the screen and you will find all kinds of useful information about boating, our club and your fellow Seafarers.  Once you go through the secure sign-in, you can go to “View Members” and find member’s pictures (great for connecting names and faces for those of us with that problem), e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.  The webmasters, current (Joe Preece) and past have done a great job putting the website together and I encourage you to explore it.

It’s April and that means it’s tax time.  Hopefully, we will have a little time for fun on the water.   March was a busy month for the Seafarers, starting off with a lunch cruise to the Cass Cay Restaurant at Burnt Store Marina.  It was a great boat ride and an even better meal.  Just to show you that not everything works perfectly in Camelot (aka PGI), Mike Slattery had arranged for the Seafarers to take a Peace River Nature Cruise on the Kingfisher Fleet but the very low level of the Peace River thwarted the adventure because their boat draws too much water to make the trip.  This is a seasonal problem caused by our very low tides and the lack of rain recently. We’ll just postpone the trip and reschedule when we have more water. 

The other boating activities in March were the lunch cruise to Captain Con’s in Bokeelia and a three day stay at the Pink Shell Resort and Marina in Fort Myers.  The contrast of the “Old Florida” charm at Captain Con’s and the upscale surroundings of Pink Shell are hard to miss.  Coming up in April are a lunch cruise to Barnacle’s (aka Barnacle Phil’s) on North Captiva, a two-night anchor out to Pelican Bay on April 11 and 12 and a three-day cruise South Seas Resort and Marina.

Let the good times roll,



Membership Report: by Gayle Clark, Director

This month we welcome two new Seafarers:

Helen Buonviri and Ken Mahren are full-time residents of Punta Gorda. They are the owners of a 34’ trawler, Satori.

And two returning Seafarers:

Bob and Sue Cormier of Punta Gorda and Brewster, MA who have a 27' Albin cruiser called Little Lady. 

We now have 272 members.



Education Report: by John Tiller, Director

Extended Service Contracts

These days, it seems nearly any item you purchase comes with an option to add an “extended service contract,” although perhaps under another name.  These are add-ons that claim to improve on the manufacturer’s warranty in some manner.  And, relevant to Seafarers, they are available on most new boats and much new equipment purchased as upgrades or replacements.  Extended warranties may be offered for used boats, but I have not seen that.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was once the Chief Actuary of an insurance company that offered extended warranties on a variety of products, mostly automobiles.  It was a strange business, probably the strangest I saw in my career.  The profits were huge and the commissions paid to the dealer/sales organization were also.  But, if you had a claim, say for a blown transmission, they were a good buy.  Margins have supposedly reduced over time.

Extended warranties are offered by both manufacturers and third parties.  There are significant differences.

The following is a summary of an article I read in the BoatU.S. Boat Buyers Toolbox. 

1.   These contracts are not really extended warranties but rather are service contracts.  Warranties are regulated and legally enforced differently and are generally provided by the manufacturer of the item.  Service contracts are really a type of insurance and are regulated as such.

2.   Be aware of the limitations in the offering.  For example, the extended coverage will likely cover the initial problem, but not necessarily any problems created by the failure of the initial part.

3.   There will likely be a deductible, typically $25 - $50 that the owner must pay.  The owner may have to pay to have the original part, such as an engine, removed and transported to a repair facility.

4.   Most third-party service agreements (those not provided by the manufacturer) will not have the force of the manufacturer to solve the problem.  That is, the manufacturer may pressure the local dealer to fix a problem, but not so for a service contract.

5.   Manufacturers generally include a basic warranty at purchase, say for one year.  If you purchase a three-year extended warranty contract, it will provide little or no benefit during that first year.  Some contracts include a provision so coverage does not start for six to twelve months.

6.   As mentioned above, commissions can be significant, sometimes in the range of 50% of the charge.  This is not always true, but these contracts are a major source of profit to dealers, so feel free negotiate.

7.   Manufacturer’s warranties normally call for replacement using the manufacturer’s parts.  Third-party warranties typically allow or even require the use of non-manufacturer parts.  This can be a source of profit to the repair facility and the contract provider, and may result in subpar parts.  Third-party contracts may require services be performed at specific facilities (similar to a Health HMO network) which may not be the dealer or facility familiar with your boat.

8.   The contract, whether manufacturer or third party, may be transferrable to a later buyer.  This may be either a simple transfer or a method where the seller turns in the warranty for a predefined amount and the buyer can by a contract.

9.   Some contracts allow for a full or partial refund within 30 days of purchase.

As stated earlier, these contracts can be expensive, but they can be very cost-effective if you have a major problem, like a blown engine.  Just make sure you have all the facts before purchasing.



Cruising Report: by Gary Cameron, Director

As we enter the spring boating season Seafarers were presented with three cruising opportunities. March 9 saw a well attended lunch cruise organized by Rich Toneatti. Thirty nine seafarers and 10 boats made the trip to Burnt Store. Thanks to Rich for a job well done. March 22 provided another launch cruise opportunity with Jack Gardner organizing a cruise to Captain Con's in Bokeelia. Thirty six Seafarers took advantage of a great day on the water and the great seafood chowder/soup as well as some awesome pies. Kudos to Jack for putting thus trip together for all of us to enjoy.

March 28-30 provides another great chance to boat together with Jim and Jan Gorrell organizing a cruise to the Pink Shell resort in Fort Myers. Jim and Jan have put together a cruise that will allow up to 13 boats to enjoy the Marina and resort. As of this writing the available spaces were mostly taken ensuring a good turn out and as usual a enjoyable Seafarer event. 

Where to Go.....all on the Board have heard various concerns and opinions expressed regarding the locations of our lunch  and destination cruises over the years. I would ask that anyone who has a idea or suggestion regarding future cruise locations for lunch or destinations contact me or anyone on the board to express your ideas. 

April will present our group with three cruising venues. On April 5 Mike Slattery will lead a lunch cruise to Barnicle Phil's on North Captiva Island, Harry Ensley will host a anchor out at Pelican Bay on the 11th and 12th and Bev and Bob Riggs will host a destination cruise to The South seas resort on April 21 through the 23rd. All of these events have been posted on the website and calendar. Please sign up as soon as possible.

Happy Cruising!



Lunch Cruise to Barnacle Phil's
April 5

Pelican Bay Anchor Out
April 11 - 12

South Seas Cruise
April 21 - 23

Palm Island Cruise
May 5 - 7


Social Events: by Mike Slattery, Director

March was a really busy month for the Seafarers. 

 Both happy hours at St. Andrews were well attended and fun for all.

 On March 15th, 10 Seafarers went to Fishermen’s Village to take the Peace River Nature Cruise.  Just before we were to board the captain told us that due to low water in the river he would only be able to go 1/2 mile past the Rte. 75 bridge.  He gave us the option to get a refund and we all took it.  This event will have to wait until the water level rises. 

 We had a 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' hot dog dinner at the March 28th meeting that was enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Bob Dickson and Steve Tennis for running this event.  Great thanks also to the volunteers that helped in the kitchen and everyone who brought salads and beans to go along with the hot dogs.

 Don't forget the happy hours at St. Andrews on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

Coming up on April 20th at 5pm we have dinner and darts at The Ice House.  This is always a fun event that includes great food, a double elimination tournament, and prizes for first and second place.  The Ice House staff is wonderful.  They run the tournament and supply the prizes!

Also coming up, on May 24 is a fun trip to the Orange House wine bar.  The incredible Mona Vieregg is running this one.  Don't miss out, the Orange House is a one of a kind place.





Darts at the Ice House
April 20

Orange House Wine Bar
May 24


Events at a Glance


Lunch Cruise to Barnacle Phil's
Pelican Bay Anchor-Out
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
Dinner and Darts at the Ice House
South Seas Cruise
General Membership Meeting PGICA 5:30 pm
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm


The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Our Cynthia Cowdrey is back as the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should contact her. 

Her email is ladyofpalmas@hotmail.com and her phone number is 941-575-5671.


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