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January 2015



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Membership Report
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The Archives

Would you believe that deep within the electronic
files of the Seafarers are records of virtually the club's entire history?   There are over 200 albums of photographs, with over 8,500 photos in all, going all the way back to 2004.  Most of the boating and social events of the past 10 years are in there, and they are all available to you by clicking on the Boating or Social Galleries on the Seafarers' Website home page.  Want to see how much fun the Seafarers had the last time they went to a particular destination or event?   Want to know who was around back in the beginning - and what they were doing?   It's all in there.

We've been fortunate to have a number of Seafarers contribute to these Galleries over the years, but one person has contributed way more than anyone else.  Since 2005 Lynne Armstrong has provided photos for over 150 galleries -- over 5,000 photos in all.  Not only is Lynne an excellent photographer, but she has captioned virtually every photo!  Her captions help us remember who those people are, and what they were doing, and her photos have preserved the history of the club.

Now Bruce Tompkins has stepped up, and his videos are adding a new dimension to our archives.  Welcome to the team, Bruce, and thanks for coming aboard!

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Commodore's Report: by Eric Norlin

            It’s the New Year, and here we go again! Some Seaflailers at the Change of Watch dodged the bullet and we all know who. Most important were the Seafarers, especially all those who contributed to feed us and clean up after us at all the General Meetings.  We plan to circulate this prestigious award among the group until the next “winner” emerges in 2015. We cruise, we booze, we greet and we eat. It shouldn’t take long for another ‘Farer’ or ‘Flailer’ to rise up and be counted.

            Make plans to head off to Sarasota this month with the Mariners and tie up at Marina Jack’s. I have heard that some may stop off at the Crow’s Nest in Venice on the way. Join others at the end of the month for a cruise to Boca Grande Marina for two nights, or just do a lunch cruise to the Marina and join the overnighters at the Eagles Nest for lunch (see Cruising Report below for more information). The point is, let’s get out and GO! It’s your year to jump on the ship and steer the way, with the help of your new 2015 Board of Directors.

Ginger Crumbaugh
Mike Clark
Dorrit Tompkins
Bob Shirk
Cruise Director
Harry Ensley
Education Director
Joe Longo
Social Director
Bev Riggs
Communication Director
Doug Jones
Membership Director
Joe Preece
Past Commodore
Eric Norlin
Also Advisors to the Board:
Sunshine Lady
Cynthia Cowdrey
Bruce Tompkins
Dave Gleason

            Finally, a reminder that annual dues are DUE no later than February 1st. Any one not meeting that deadline will lose their membership. Please Don’t Delay!!



Membership Report: by Joe Preece, Director

            Please welcome our newest members Bo & Kay Abbs. The Abbs have been boating for over 50 years on both the Ohio River and Lake Lanier in Georgia. They currently have a 26’ MacGregor sailboat. John & Denise Tiller come to us most recently from Lake Perry, Kansas, and I know that West Texas lies in their past as well. They have a 34’ sail cat, the Mirapose.

            Going into the New Year we have a current membership of 313 and don’t forget that January is the last month to pay your 2015 annual dues.  Remember that at the top of the Seafarers online calendar page when you sign in, there is a small notice just below your name telling you if you have paid your 2015 dues or not. The best and most secure way to pay your dues is to send a check for $20 per person, made out to SEAFARERS, to my house at: 3335 Trinidad Ct., Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Joe Preece  joepreece33@gmail.com  918-645-8372

Education Report: by Joe Longo, Director

            The Seafarers Boat Club has over 300 members and those 300 members have a lot of great stories to tell. One might be a little incident that happened recently while out on your boat in Charlotte Harbor or it might be something that happened 30 years ago. It might have been a terrific restaurant you found while on a cruise in Europe or maybe it was a fishing trip on a lake in Wisconsin. The thing is, it did happen and it left you with a memory that you can laugh at or cherish, and it makes you realize that with your quick reaction you might have saved the day and you learned about boating from that happening.

            A recent conversation with (now) Past Commodore Eric Norlin got us thinking about all the knowledge there is in the memories of all of our members and how interesting it would be to have them share some of the things they have done as boaters over the years. 

            We would like to hear from someone that does extended cruising/sailing. How do you go about planning a long trip? What about provisions? How do you resupply? Are there books available telling what marinas or anchorages are near a grocery store? 

            In the past we have had many very good speakers, the Red Cross, boat maintenance and cleaning people, and West Marine, just to name a few.  All of these are a business of some sort and from time to time it’s nice to hear about some of the latest ideas in boating, but most have one thing in common and that is they are trying to sell themselves. Lets get some education from “hands on boaters.” Talk to me at one of our next socials and tell me what you would like to share with us at one of our future meetings.

            This was the end of my first year as Education Director for our club.  I’m looking forward to serving another year and I’ll try not to bore you too much, and I won’t if we start off the year with some new information from our boating members. Happy New Year, and as always remember…

            “Safety on the Water is NO Accident”



Cruising News: by Harry Ensley, Director

            January is going to be a great month to go cruising with the Seafarers. Whether you want to do an overnight cruise or an afternoon lunch cruise, there are some delightful opportunities available. First is a combined cruise with the Mariners boat club to Marina Jacks in Sarasota on January 16-18, with an option to stop in Venice on the way with some fellow Seafarers on January 15. Then later in the month we have plans for a combination overnight and lunch cruise to Boca Grande Marina.  The overnight dates are January 25-27 and include the option of joining the lunch cruise group on the 26th in the Eagle Grill upstairs at the marina. Please check the online calendar, and sign up soon as slips are limited. 



Venice Stop-Over
January 15

Joint Cruise to Sarasota
January 16-18

Overnight Cruise to Boca Grande

Lunch Cruise to Boca Grande
January 26

Social Events: by Bev Riggs and Walt Zink,  Directors

            As the last report for 2014, we want to thank you for your support of our social activities this year.  If you chaired a social or helped with a meal at one of our meetings, we sincerely thank you. Without your help and eagerness, the year would not have been a success.  

             A special “Thank You” to Terry Miller for her hard work again on the Change of Watch party. Over 100 Seafarers attended and enjoyed an excellent meal and wonderful dance music on a beautiful evening.  Click here to see Bruce Tompkins' VIDEO of the event.

             We have a lot of fun activities planned for 2015 including a Mardi Gras evening, a Rays spring game, BBQ, Chili Cook Off and more.  We also have planned a food "theme" for each general meeting - like a baked potato bar, Mexican, and Oktoberfest, just to name a few. But we need your help in planning and executing these activities. You will receive a list of activities after the holidays and all are subject to your input. This is your club and we want to provide activities that will be inclusive to all members. Please review the lists when they come out and let Bev know which event(s) you think your expertise could be of benefit. We look forward to hearing from you.

             First, for the January meeting we are selling Super Bowl squares. 100 squares are available for $5 each or 2 for $8.  25% will be paid out at the end of each quarter of the game. The squares will be available for purchase at the first social ‘meet and greet’ on Thursday, January 8th at St Andrews, and thereafter until all squares are sold.  In support of this activity, our general meeting food that month will be a ‘Souper’ Bowl feast. If you would like to make a pot of your favorite soup, let Bev know. We need a lot of cooks, so thaw out that leftover Christmas turkey and be creative! We also ask that everyone bring a can of food to the general meeting for the food bank.

            Thank you again for a great 2014 and let's make 2015 even more fun! 

Bev and Walt

 Bev Riggs


Phantom of the Opera
January 29


 Events at a Glance



Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
Venice Stop-Over on way to Marina Jacks in Sarasota
Joint Cruise w/Mariners to Marina Jacks in Sarasota
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
Overnight Cruise to Boca Grande Marina, and option to join
   Lunch Cruisers on the 26th
Lunch Cruise to Boca Grande Marina
General Membership Meeting  PGICA 5:30 pm
Phantom of the Opera, Ft. Myers

 The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Cynthia Cowdrey is the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should call her.  Her phone number is 941-575-5671




Membership Meeting Minutes -- Click here to view.


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