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July 2016



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Joy of Independence
Commodore's Report
Membership Report
Education Report
Cruising News
Social Events
Events at a Glance
Sunshine Lady
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The Joy of Independence

What greater freedom is there than drifting down Charlotte Harbor at sunset, spending a day with Seafarer friends at a boating resort or the Regatta, or just sipping wine on your lanai and looking out at your boat and canal?  We all worked hard for this life, and what a wonderful life it is.  This July 4th let's all give thanks to the servicemen and women who worked especially hard at great personal risk and sacrifice, and made our opportunities possible.

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Commodore's Report: by Mike Clark

July is here and Happy Independence Day to all!!  We are definitely blessed to live in this country of ours and remember, there are many who gave all so we could be free.

Before we get into current and ongoing activities, here are a couple of pictures from the cruise to Boca Grande.


Two of our hottest and humid months are upon us, but we will still find a way to have fun and stay cool, or sort of!  In June there was a cruise to Cape Harbor, led by John Miller and Mike Slattery (broken boat) and a BBQ, thank you Terry Miller!

July features a Dinner and Darts at the Ice House led by Vice-Commodore Harry Ensley, in the A/C!  We also have another cruise to Palm Island with the pool right beside your boat at the dock and another great dining experience at the Rum Bay restaurant.

Don’t forget, no meeting in August, but we will still have our Happy Hours on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at St Andrews.

Continue the fun and we will see you on the water AND on the land!



Membership Report: by Gayle Clark, Director

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. At least that’s how it’s been for me so far this summer as we remain at 297 members. I’m not complaining, but…

If any member has friends who would like to join, now is a great time to do it. The reason? After June 1, new members pay only $70 to join Seafarers instead of the usual $90. This is true because, at this time of year, new members pay only half the membership fee. Instead of $40, the membership fee after June 1 drops to $20, a savings of … $20. Such a deal!          


Education Report: by John Tiller, Director

Suggestions for Mini-Crew Members

The July 2016 issue of Practical Sailor included an article titled Mini Crew Must-Haves, addressing special on-the-water suggestions for infants, toddlers and younger children, such as grandchildren ( http://www.practical-sailor.com/issues/37_67/chandlery/Mini-Crew-Must-haves_12034-1.html?zkPrintable=true ).  While developed for sailboats where shade and air conditioning are less prevalent than on power boats, these suggestions appear useful for all of us.   I have expanded the list with some other ideas.  I hate to mention brands, but in some instances it seems necessary. I make no recommendations.

UV-protective clothing.  This is a great alternative or supplement to applying sunscreen frequently, especially for infants too young for sunscreen.  Some brands also contain cooling properties. 

Sun hats.  The preference is for wide-brimmed hats with neck vails.  Floatable versions are practical.  Hats are available with sun protection up to at least UPF 50, stain- and water-resistance, and breakaway chin clasps. 

Special swimwear.  This is available from Coolibar, with sun protection and both chlorine and salt water resistance.  Observations are that the child is kept cooler as well.  They dry quickly.  Other brands may have similar features.

Boat footwear.  Several versions are available with non-skid and non-mar soles.  Look for styles that provide adequate heel and toe protection, lightweight, breathable, washable, and fast drying.  For independent types, Velcro closures and similar features make shoe management easier.  The Practical Sailor author recommends the KEENS brands.

Food.  Clearly, take enough food, both snacks and meals.  Carry more than needed, in case the motor declines to perform or weather delays your trip. 

Water.  And more water.  Kids can dehydrate faster than adult, so nag them to drink.  Keep the water cold or at least cool as well.  Some athletic drinks may be useful also, in case dehydration is serious.

Sunglasses.  UV-protection and polarized versions are good on the water, per my ophthalmologist.

Activities.  Bring along some games and activities.  Kids can get bored quickly.  I prefer items that provide some education, say about the surrounding environment.  Of course, many kids prefer video games, so find some that fit the situation.  My grandchildren can use binoculars for long periods.  You might need a pair for each child.  Some of mine also like reading the maps to see where we are.

Personal Flotation Devices.  The Coast Guard provides sufficient advice on this. Add a plastic whistle to the device and practice having the child use it, that is, for older children. 

Other safety devices.  I believe if I had a youngster working on deck with me, especially on a sailboat, I would attach a harness.

Remember, Safety on the Water is No Accident



 Cruising News: by Joe Preece, Director

The Boca Grande Marina cruise took place May 20-22 lead by Harry Ensley. Only 6 boats participated out of the 13 that had signed up. Friday night Docktails were excellent as usual and we all ate at Sisters Restaurant Saturday night followed by dessert at either the Pink Elephant or the Miller’s boat. Town was crowded due to the Tarpon Tournament but this provided a nice art festival for Saturday during the day combined with a trip to the Gulf for swimming with a friendly manatee. 

Mike Slattery had a catastrophic engine failure so John Miller co-lead the Cape Harbor Marina cruise on June 17 and 18th. Cape Harbor proved to be a fun destination with a lot of restaurants, including ice cream, live music plus a nice pool and picnic area. Docktails followed by desert and music on Friday, Rumrunners for dinner on Saturday again followed by desert and music made for a fun weekend. There was a lot of excitement on Friday as most of us arrived at the same time. Navigating the lock, some uncertainty on where we were supposed to dock, throw in a few heavy rain squalls all combined for a memorable boating experience.  

Harry Ensley will lead a cruise to Palm Island on July 22-24. Remember the pool is right next to the docks so everyone can keep cool, play games and have refreshing healthy drinks.



Palm Island Cruise
July 22-24

Social Events: by Bev Riggs,  Director

Over 40 Seafarers enjoyed a delicious BBQ meal from the Smoke 'n Pit on Sunday, June 12, at the PGICA.  The A/C was a welcome respite from the oppressive humidity we have been experiencing!  Thank you Terry Miller for planning this social. 

Dust off those darts and perfect your trash talk for the Seafarers dine and darts at the Ice House.  Join us on Tuesday, July 12, at 6:30 p.m. where we will gather to enjoy some food & spirits.  Following dinner, darts will be played.  No experience required.  We will play a short tournament followed by dinner.  Thanks, Harry Ensley for planning this social.  Sign up on the website today.




Dine and Darts at the Ice House

July 12

 Events at a Glance


Darts at The Ice House  6:30 pm
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
Cruise to Palm Island Marina
General Membership Meeting PGICA 5:30 pm
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm

 The Sunshine Lady -
Marsha Rutherford

While our own Cynthia Cowdrey is laid up, Marsha Rutherford has graciously stepped up to fill the Sunshine position.

If you hear of anyone who is ill or hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, please contact Marsha at marsharutherford@yahoo.com.


Membership Meeting Minutes -- Click here to view.


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