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July 2015



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Professor Joe

For those of you paying attention, Joe Longo is in his second year delivering helpful education and boating tips for the Seafarers.  In this he is over-achieving in a noble function that has seen some great contributions from wise and willing members.

Joe and our past Education Directors have shown us that there are innumerable sources for useful information about boating in general as well as conditions in our cruising area.  All this past information is not lost, in fact - you can find an index of past articles with links on our website, or just click here: Seafarers Index of Education Articles.

Of course one of our greatest resources is the years of experience that our members have in these and various waters worldwide.  For example, back in 2007 Scott Eason (who would be co-Education Director with Jack Gardner in 2010 & 2011) shared the experiences of a 2005 trip around the Great Loop.  Some of the best and most interesting Education topics can be shared experiences, both Great and day-to-day.  If you've had one of those, please pass it along.

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Commodore's Report: by Ginger Crumbaugh

Entering into July, I pause to think about our Independence as Americans and am so thankful to have the freedom to travel on our boat and feel safe....My hope is that we remain this way for our children and Grandchildren's future....

So with that thought, my June was spent on our boat with 3 sets of Grandchildren from Michigan, California and Florida!!! Wow! A lot of fun and a lot of memories - AND a lot of questions....Some I wasn't sure how to answer..... so, like we all do, I Googled and found some answers...

For example, Madison wanted to know why a bathroom is called a Head and found the answer to be "Head is a much used maritime word meaning the top or forward part.  Head was also the name given to that part of the older sailing ships, forward of the raised section near the bow or forward part of the boat called the forecastle. The grating allowed the open sea to help keep the area clean. The name has been largely retained among seamen, even in these days of modern toilets and modern flushing devices."

Taylor asked, "Where did the word Port come from, Grandma Ginger?" Again, I googled and found  "The actual origin of the term "port" is speculated to be because the left side of old merchant sailing ships had a loading or entry port. The right side had a steering board that hung over the side of the ship (before the invention of rudders) which is where the term starboard comes from.

Christian, our 15 year old Grandson wanted to know why boats are referred to as "SHE" - answer is...."According to Yarns of the Sea, Legends, Myths, and Superstitions: Although women were considered to bring bad luck at sea, mariners always use the pronoun "she" when referring to their ships. This old tradition is thought to stem from the fact that in the Romance languages, the word for "ship" is always in the feminine. For this reason, Mediterranean sailors always referred to their ship as "she", and the practice was adopted over the centuries by their English-speaking counterparts.  One source suggests that a ship "was nearer and dearer to the sailor than anyone except his mother." What better reason to call his ship "she"?

Well, as you can imagine, there were many more questions and Jim and I learned a lot about boating last month!!!

I want to send a big "Thank you" to all you Seafarers for the hard work you did in June to make this a club one to be very proud of.... and so until August, I bid you all...."Happy and safe Cruising in July!!!!"



Membership Report: by Joe Preece, Director

Please welcome Phillip & Ginney Eaton as new full time residents of Punta Gorda. They are joining us from San Clemente, CA where they have accumulated over 40 years of boating experience in a variety of boats. They recently acquired a 37’ Four Winns Express Cruiser and with a lot of prior boat club experience as both officers and chairpersons, I am sure that they will find a home with Seafarers.

We currently have 298 members.


3335 Trinidad Ct
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Education Report: by Joe Longo, Director

It’s June and we have arrived at the beginning of another hurricane season.  I started out by compiling information that I gathered from “Chapman’s” (the boater’s bible).  I gathered more info on line and remembered things that I have learned in the 10 years that I have lived in Florida.  After all that time and work I then came across an article written by George Duncan back in 2010.  I read it twice and decided that I just could not add anything to it.  George did his homework and gave us almost every scenario of what to do for hurricane preparation.  George’s article covers you if your boat is moored, docked, on a lift or trailered and even has diagrams of how to tie your boat and how to add lines across the canal (after the canals are officially closed to boat traffic). (Publisher's Note:  you can see the Newsletter section that included George's article by clicking here).

Now that you know how to do it, plan ahead.  Don’t expect to be able to go down to West Marine, Lashley Marine or the Depot and be able to get 3/4" line or all the chaffing gear that you need a few days before a hurricane or tropical storm is due to hit.  Start planning now, go on line and order the basics and get it at a decent price and in a lot of cases you can get free delivery and no tax.  When a tropical storm was going to hit us about 6 years ago, I found some twenty thousand pound strapping at Home Depot.  They were the type that I used on my tow truck up north for retrieving cars.  They have a heavy ratchet on them, a heavy hook on each end and are extremely strong.  The price was only $12.00 each.  I bought 6 of them to secure my boat down to the boat lift.  I still have them and I use them every year when I go up north.   Don’t put it off, get what you need now, then stow it away until you need it.

At the May meeting, I gave a short talk about some information that I had recently received from Mike and Carla Clark.  It was about a blog that he stumbled upon written by Bob and Ann Sherer.  They sail a Beneteau 423 named “Fleetwing.”  I tried to locate them on line using different addresses but I finally found them at www.activecaptainfacebookgroup/bob423. The latest letter is #271 and they are all archived back to #1 from 02/11/2007. They do a great job of explaining, in detail, what they went through while navigating their way from upstate New York down to the Florida Keys and back again.  They tell about all the shoaling that they ran into on the ICW and how to avoid them.  They talk about how they plan each trip and all the places that they stopped at along the way.  A very interesting read and I would recommend it to anyone that is planning a long trip on the ICW.  I did some more research on this subject and found they are part of the “Active Captain” the interactive cruising guidebook.  For those of you not familiar with the Active Captain, “it is a series of cruising books and online database of marinas, anchorages, boat ramps, bridges, inlets and other local knowledge presented visually on maps, satellite images and nautical charts.”  You can also go to www.activecaptain.com and click on Newsletters.  There you will find all 271 letters.

I hope we miss any hurricanes again this year and I hope that you will start planning your strategy early, just in case, and once again I ask you to remember Safety on the Water is No Accident!

Have a Great Summer



Cruising News: by Harry Ensley, Director

Bob Hiebner led a shallow-draft lunch cruise to the Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island on June 15th.  It was the first visit to Tarpon Lodge for many of us.  All of the 28 attendees had a great trip and lunch.  Bruce Tompkins (the Imperial Wizard of Intergalactic Photography) memorialized the event in a video which every Seafarer should look at (https://vimeo.com/inpho/lodge).

Mona Vieregg led a lunch cruise to the Caribbean (actually the Callaloo Caribbean Restaurant, previously known as the Riviera Oyster Bar Restaurant) on Alligator Creek on June 26th. 

The first boating event in July will be a Lunch Cruise to Cabbage Key led by Jon Breen on July 21st.  Make sure you sign up early since, if we have enough participants, we can get a price break with a special menu.  If you need navigational guidance, just give Jon a call.

Next, Jim Crumbaugh will lead an Overnight Cruise to the Boca Grande Marina on July 26th (leaving the marina on July 28th).  Breaking with tradition (because of summertime restaurant schedules), we will dine at the Pink Elephant on the 26th and have our hors d'oeuvres on the 27th at 4 PM.  Each captain should contact the marina (941-964-2100) and give credit card information to reserve a slip.  Also, if you want a golf cart for exploring or to go to the beach, you should reserve one.

Here’s to the special water,



Cabbage Key Lunch Cruise
July 21

Boca Grande Marina Overnight Cruise
July 26
- 28

Social Events: by Bev Riggs,  Director

Ho hum.  I can't believe the summer doldrums are here already.  They can't keep the Seafarers down, however!  Thank you to Betty Bernz for hosting the fantastic BBQ at Ponce Park on June 2.  We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the BBQ.   To see the rest of the photos, plus a video by Bruce Tompkins, click here.

Our salad smorgasbord at the general meeting was a cooler (and healthier) repast after a hot day.  Thanks to everyone for the great salads!

Join us for our next social on Tuesday, July 7, at the Orange House Wine Bar at 320 Sullivan Street.  We will enjoy a wine tasting with 2 wines paired with some yummy appetizers.  The cost is $20 per person and you must sign up on the website by July 1.  See the calendar for more details.

Don't forget our Meet and Greets at St Andrews on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.  We appreciate St Andrews opening their doors to us twice a month and furnishing those delicious appetizers (aka dinner).

Please visit our calendar often to see all of the activities that are available to you as a Seafarer.




Orange House Wine Bar
July 7


 Events at a Glance


Orange House Wine Bar
Social at St. Andrews South Country Club 5-7 pm
Lunch Cruise to Cabbage Key
Social at St. Andrews South Country Club 5-7 pm
Boca Grande Cruise
General Membership Meeting  PGICA 5:30 pm

 The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Cynthia Cowdrey is the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should call her.  Her phone number is 941-575-5671




Membership Meeting Minutes -- Click here to view.


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