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April 2014



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Hunt for Red April
Commodore's Report
Membership Report
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Sunshine Lady
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The Hunt for Red April
Few people know that Tom Clancy's best seller The Hunt for Red October was actually based on the exploits of the soviet submarine Krasnyy Aprel and her legendary captain, Oleg Pullingski.  The Red April was discovered on April 1, 1982 attempting to hide near the South Rte 41 bridge by kayakers who initially thought she was Mote Aquarium's newest submersible.

Captain Pullingski later explained that no sane Russian would defect to the Penobscot River in Maine when he could be in beautiful Punta Gorda.  However, his intel was inaccurate about the depth of Charlotte Harbor, so there was no place he could submerge to hide.  When, upon hearing this explanation, a SeaTow captain exclaimed "surely you aren't serious!", Pullingski calmly replied "Don't be a Fool.  Sirius (Vasily Sirius, his first officer) is my exec... and don't call me Shirley!"

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Commodore's Report: by Eric Norlin

            Are you ready for improvements to the Seafarers Website that will make communications with your fellow Seafarers easier and more efficient? By our April General Meeting we will be ready to launch our new website. No longer will you need to supply all your information about name, phone number, email address and boat when you sign up for a cruise. For a social event, all you have to do is say you want to participate. You can even check out the other members planning to attend and see their pictures…”oh yes, I know them”. A few keystrokes will sign you up for any activity quickly and easily, with our new password protected database, which includes your information. The new website is designed along the same lines that are used for many other applications such as bank, club and on-line purchasing programs familiar to all of us. The new design of the Calendar and Membership section are similar to what is successfully being used by two other PGICA clubs and will probably be adopted by others. We are going to introduce our next generation of Seafarer Waypoints at the April General Meeting. Make plans to attend this important and educational meeting! Communication is the foundation of all our activities and you need to be on-board.

            March was another month of well-attended activities with lots of boats, lots of active members and lots of volunteers. That’s as it should be, and I thank you all for “stepping up” with energy and enthusiasm.



Membership Report: by Joe Preece, Director

            Membership is currently at 288 with no new applications pending at this time. As is referenced in other sections of this month’s Waypoints, the new “Members Only” portion of the Seafarers website is getting ready to launch so this will be the perfect time to update your profile and pictures for both people and boats. Send me an email or call and let’s get this done. Your fellow Seafarers like being able to see who you are and what boat you have. If you are a Seafarer without a boat we will settle for a picture of your dog or cat.

            There may be some questions about User Names and Passwords so watch your emails for information on this and how to get help if you need it. For those of you who are in Newcomers and to some degree Just For Fun, the upgraded Calendar and Members Only sections will look familiar. If you are in another PGICA club that would like to use this system it is available to all PGICA clubs - just call me.     

            Joe Preece, 918-645-8372, joepreece33@gmail.com 


Education Report: by Joe Longo, Director

            Electronic devices are great for alerting us to a problem. Fume detectors, CO detectors, low coolant or low oil alarms, etc. are all great, as a backup.  There is nothing like actually checking everything before a cruise. A visual check can spot a wet mark on a fuel line coming from a small crack before the line splits and fuel starts running into the bilge, at which time the fume detector will alert you. You might see that telltale sign of the start of an engine coolant leak before a major leak starts and the overheated engine alarm goes off. I’m talking about a “Pre Cruise Check List.” I used to be like a lot of people are today. The day of the cruise the boat comes down off the lift, everything gets loaded aboard and stowed away, the bilge blower comes on, the engines come to life and away we go. Back in my flying days I learned to use a “Preflight Checklist.” Later I put one together for my boat, which was rather lengthy but would only take 10 to 12 minutes to go through.  I’ll never forget how it paid off for me one day. The boat was loaded and we were leaving Norwalk, CT for a 2 week cruise to Greenport, NY, Montauk, NY and then on to Block Island, RI. While going through my pre-cruise checklist, I noticed a few drops of red transmission oil below the transmission alarm switch. I touched the switch to see if it was wet and the switch broke off in my hand. Had I not found it before we were under way, the alarm would have never gone off and the transmission would have seized up in a matter of minutes.

            Now, create a list for your boat. It’s not hard because Past Commodore of our club Jim Doolittle put one together a while back and put it on our website. First go to the Seafarers Website, go to “News & Bulletins” (on the left) and scroll down to “Boat Safety Checklist” and click on it. Some of the information may be for a boat other than the one you may have, so just take the items you need and make up your own list.  Part of the items are seasonal or bi-seasonal, so keep them on your long list and use the short list for your pre-cruise checklist. You have just taken the first step in making your boat a little safer and all those electronic gadgets are now back-ups, the way it should be.  So remember, Safety on the Water is NO Accident. 



Cruising News: by Jack Gardner, Director

            It just keeps getting better and better, the weather and the cruising. If you haven’t been on the water in the last month with the Seafarers you don’t know what you are missing.

            March 5th the McElhenies’ led a cruise to Con’s Fish house at Bokeelia. After some initial misinformation about the dockage, every thing went as planned with some great fish chowder and good fun. They had 6 boats and 22 people attending. It is my understanding that some bargains were even obtained.

            March 14th Mike and Carla Clark hosted an anchor out at the Gilchrist park anchorage. They had docktails, games and few drinks were shared. I am sure it being St Patrick’s weekend had something to do with it. You don’t have to travel far to have a great time. 14 boats and 35 folks participated.

            March 28th was the overnight to Cape Harbor in Cape Coral. Gary Kline and Jan Murphy were leading this cruise.  At the time of this writing the cruise hasn’t taken place yet, but I am confident they will have a great time.

            April 9th brings us a lunch cruise to Burnt Store Marina, led by Don and Margo DePhillips.

            April 15th-16th is the joint cruise to Longboat Key with the PGI Islanders, which will be led by Horst and Kathy Huelsemann. Let me assure you that you will not find nicer accommodation anywhere in the area. They have shuttles to take you to St. Armand’s Circle and other hot spots on the island with a great pool, golf courses, restaurants and shopping.

            April 23rd we have a lunch cruise up the Peace River to the Navigator. Our intrepid and fearless guides, the Hanks, will lead us through the alligators, snakes, and bird nesting islands to a great meal with Florida style service.

            By popular demand on April 26th there will be another attempt to have an afternoon raftup at Sunset Lake. Some folks might even stay overnight. For those who don’t know, Sunset Lake is the large body of water on the rim canal at the South end of Bal Harbor. It is easy to get to so come on out and enjoy yourself. A leader is still needed for this so contact Mike Clark if you can help.

            Additional cruises are being worked on and will be added to the calendar as planning is completed.

Hoping to see you on the water, 



Burnt Store Marina Lunch Cruise
April 9

Longboat Key Overnight Cruise
April 15-16

Nav-A-Gator Lunch Cruuise
April 23


Social Events: by Walt Zink,  Director

            March was green, spring was "springing" and St Paddy's Day meant everybody got to be Irish for a day! Our club enjoyed a progressive dinner, organized by Carol Nieberline, prior to the general meeting. Special thanks to Carol and her committee. As usual, everyone had a great time and more Seafarers memories were made. Thank you to all those who opened their homes for the different courses. 

            Darts are on the calendar for April 8th at the Ice House Pub. There will be good refreshments, great challenges and maybe some fun prizes. Bring your "A" game and brush up on your trash talk to help make this outing successful. Harry Ensley is working hard on this event, so please give him your support and sign up today.

            We also have an exciting event coming up in May. Watch the website and Waypoints for details.

            We still need volunteers for social events and providing food for our general meetings. If you are willing to volunteer your talents, please let Bev or Walt know. We are in immediate need for someone to handle the food for the general meetings. It's easy -- and you control the menu. Our thanks to all who participate and make our social events great! 




Darts at the Ice House
April 8




 Events at a Glance  


Darts at Ice House 5-9 pm
Lunch Cruise to Burnt Store Marina
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
Stopover Cruise to Palm Island Marina
Overnight Cruise to Longboat Key
General Membership Meeting  PGICA 5:30 pm
Lunch Cruise to the Nav-A-Gator
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm

 The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Cynthia Cowdrey is the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should contact her. 

Her email is ladyofpalmas@hotmail.com and her phone number is 941-575-5671



Membership Meeting Minutes -- Click here to view.


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