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November 2015



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Viva Los Seafarers!
Commodore's Report
Membership Report
Education Report
Cruising News
Social Events
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Sunshine Lady
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Viva Los Seafarers!

It's that time of year again, and another great Seafarers REGATTA is just around the corner!

Just about this time every year the return of our snowbirds is celebrated with this biggest event in the Seafarers' calendar.  This year you'll be dressing up for gala entertainment Las Vegas style - and it won't take luck or skill to have a great time.  If you love the joy of gambling without the agony of defeat you'll even be able to play Vegas-style games just for fun.

And of course every self-respecting sailor knows all about tying knots - but how about re-tying your wedding knot with Elvis presiding at the wedding chapel?  Nothing risky about that, huh guys?

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Commodore's Report: by Ginger Crumbaugh

Well, it's a little strange to live in Florida and think about Fall leaves but if you came to my house, you would think you lived in Vermont with all the Fall decor I have put out!!! This morning I opened up the lanai, and I could almost imagine the leaves blowing across the yard, as the cool air blew by my doors but the really fun news was that all my beautiful tropical flowers and plants were alive and well - and so I considered jumping into my pool! Don't we have a lot to be Thankful for????

As I write this, I am getting ready for our annual Regatta and thinking back on all the wonderful times we've had at past Regattas - all the crazy costumes, wild water games, all the talent ( and some not so talented! ) fun shows - and of course, all the great "docktail" gourmet foods the Seafarer chefs come up with! This year, with the Las Vegas Theme - I'm sure the "pics" will be pretty interesting, so stay tuned to the website for that....

It's hard to believe the Change of Watch (COW) is just around the corner on December 11th at the Isles Yacht club...We Seafarers actually get to get very dressed up!!! Also - if you haven’t done so, check out the calendar for the wine and food tasting at the Orange House and don't forget our annual Turkey Day feast at the membership meeting on the 24th... as always, we have great Thanksgiving food and fun...

Yes, I would say we all have PLENTY to be Thankful for.... so I want to wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving! and safe travels this November....

Until next month...."Keep on Keepin On"!



Membership Report: by Joe Preece, Director

Our Membership is currently at 302. Please welcome new members Vic & Deb Krause who are joining us from the Chicago area. They own a 24’ Crest pontoon boat and interested in committee work. The season is starting and there are applications in the works.

As the end of the year approaches it will soon be time to pay those annual dues.  A good way to keep track of your dues payment status is to check at the top of the Seafarers calendar page each time after you have sign in. Starting in November and running through the end of January there will a small notice in red just below your name telling you if you have paid your 2016 dues or not. This notice will only appear for the member who has logged in. The best and most secure way to pay those dues is to send a check made out to SEAFARERS to my house. If you need help just let me know.


3335 Trinidad Ct
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Education Report: by Joe Longo, Director

Most people don’t usually think of doing maintenance on their personal flotation devices.  There’s never a better time than right now.   PFDs are usually stowed away somewhere on board.   Pull them out of their storage locker or their storage zippered bag and inspect them.  First of all make sure they’re in good shape by putting each one on the deck and giving the straps a good hard jerk (a shocking pull).  This will tell you if the straps, material and the stitching are up to the task.  If anything is weak or deteriorating you will find out quickly.  If they are strong but a little mildewed, wash them with soap and water and allow them to dry thoroughly before stowing them away.  Now is a good time to add a whistle and an LED light for a little additional safety.  Lube up the zipper on the storage bag and make sure that it is completely free with no binding or sticking.

If you use an inflatable belt pack style PFD, check the straps on those too as well as the plastic quick connect buckle for heat damage.  Check the blow up hose as well as the CO2 cartridge.  I have had to replace the blow up hoses on mine due to Florida heat damage.  You might want to add “remove PFDs from storage locker” to your pre cruise check list.  There is nothing worse than trying to pull them out from the bottom of a storage locker in an emergency.

You might want to check the line on your throwing ring.  If it shows any sign of aging or fraying, replace it.   Make sure that the throwing ring line is not twisted and is easily accessible.  You might want to add a loop to the end of the line to put over your wrist.

If you stow your PFDs in a T-Bag on a small boat, you might want to check them for mud wasps.  They like to build their nests in and around life vests because they are usually dry.

Now that you have made your boat a little safer, remember -

 Safety on the Water is No Accident



Cruising News: by Harry Ensley, Director

Andy Nikitich lead a Lunch Cruise to the Nav-A-Gator Bar and Grill on October 6th.  A total of 26 people made the trip up the Peace River (or up Kings Highway).  Three boats and three jet skis made the trip by water.  You can see the rest of the photos of this trip by clicking here.

Speaking of photos, Lynne Armstrong has produced a beautiful set for the South Seas Cruise that occurred at the end of September, so we thought we would include them here.  Among that gallery is a set of magnificent sunrise photos taken by Peter Fucini - you've got to see them!  Click here to view the South Seas photos.

The Palm Island Cruise, which I was supposed to lead, was scheduled for October 17th through October 19th, but the cruise was cancelled due to strong winds forecast for the last day of the cruise.  In spite of that, 12 brave boaters (not including me) and 5 boats went to Palm Island a day early and had a great time.  Saturday’s dinner at Rum Bay was terrific as usual.  Most of the boaters came home a day early to avoid the strong winds.

On October 28th we had the first raft-up of the season on Sunset Lake.  We’ll try to have many more now that the weather has cooled off a bit.

The Seafarer’s boating event of the year, The Regatta, will be held at Burnt Store Marina on November 6th through November 8th.  The theme for this year is Las Vegas and “what happens at Regatta stays at Regatta.”  Mike Clark has gotten Regatta planning down to a science and the entertainment for this year promises to be outstanding.

If we recover from the Regatta in time, we will have a Lunch Cruise to the Eagle Grille at Boca Grande on November 19th.

Here’s to the special water,




November 6-8

Eagle Grille Lunch Cruise
November 19

Cruise to Marina Jack's
December 3-6

Social Events: by Bev Riggs,  Director

Ah, October!  A time for falling leaves, cool walks in the woods and Halloween.  If we wanted all of that we'd be up North, right?  The temps are calming and it's drying out, but nothing can stop the Seafarers from having a good time.  On Friday, October 23, over 50 Seafarers gathered at Sandra's Restaurant for an Oktoberfest event.  The German food, beer and atmosphere were fitting for this annual celebration that the Germans have perfected.  Click here to see more photos of the event.

Thanks to Eric Norlin for coordinating the chili cook off after our October general meeting.  Friendly competition, delicious chili and camaraderie always combine for a fun evening. 

Marlene Hofer and Carol Nieberline will once again be leading our Thanksgiving dinner after the November general meeting.  I'm sure they will be looking for members to help with this effort.

Don't forget our socials on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at St Andrews.  Come and get reacquainted with our friends returning from the gentler climes...




Orange House Wine Bar

November 17

Thanksgiving Dinner

November 24

Holiday Party / Change of Watch
December 11


 Events at a Glance


ANNUAL REGATTA - Burnt Store Marina
Social at St. Andrews South Country Club 5-7 pm
Orange House Wine Bar
Lunch Cruise to the Eagle Grille
Turkey Dinner / General Membership Meeting  PGICA 5:30 pm

 The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Cynthia Cowdrey is the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should call her.  Her phone number is 941-575-5671




Membership Meeting Minutes -- Click here to view.


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