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 June 2017

Let's Put On A Show!

Last month we alerted everyone that the 2017 REGATTA will be coming up sooner than you think.   Our message then had to do with digging up old photos to remind ourselves and our friends of the fun stuff we did back then.

Well, this month we want to suggest that fun stuff didn't end with the 60s.  Once upon a time Mickey Rooney said "Let's Put On A Show!" to Judy Garland in the movie Babes in Arms - and the result was great fun for everyone, particularly the ones actually in the show.  So Peter Fucini is joining Mickey and Judy now to invite/encourage us all to help with this year's REGATTA.  Because as anyone who has worked on it in the past will tell you, it's more fun to be involved than just a spectator.  And it doesn't have to be big stuff - we've done it all before and one of the reasons we have a regatta is there's something for everyone.  So please do yourself a favor and give Peter a call or an email to pitch in - even if you're away for the summer.  There's time to be involved when you get back to PGI.

Speaking of pitching in, last month while your editor was away our past Communications Director Doug Jones made the newsletter happen.  Many thanks, Doug!

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Commodore's Report: by Harry Ensley

The warm weather is here!  I heard on Wink News that May and June are the hottest months in Southwest Florida since the temperatures are kept down in July and August by the frequent rain showers.  They may be right, but you need to remember that they are weather forecasters!

May was a busy boating month.  We had a nice cruise to Palm Island early in the month which was nearly cancelled by an incorrect weather forecast.  High winds and lots of rain was forecast.  The winds were not as bad as expected and the rain didn’t happen but still only three brave boats made the trek.  However, we were joined at Rum Bay by several land yachters (a total of 15 Seafarers) for a great meal and some new libations.   Later in the month we had a raft-up at Sunset lake and a lunch cruise to the Waterside Grill at the Gasparilla Marina.  June is a little slower with only two lunch cruises, one to Tarpon Lodge and the other to Burnt Store.  Check the Seafarers calendar and sign up online.

A subject that has come up several times in Seafarers Board meetings is the question of whether we are a boating club or a social club.  I guess that is a fair question but I think it’s like, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”   Are we a boating club that likes to drink and socialize or are we a social club that like boating? I think the answer to both is a resounding yes.  Also, I think the club would not be the same if we cut out the socializing or the boating.  What do you think?

Let the good times roll,



Membership Report: by Gayle Clark, Director

Its that time of year: the weather heats up, life slows down, and many of our members head to cooler locations. I wish you all a safe and healthy summer.

We remain at 272 members.




Education Report: by John Tiller, Director

This month we're featuring another classic education report from a past newsletter.  This one is from 2009, by our Education Director back then, Bill Webb.

Some Common Expressions with Nautical Origins

Many common expressions in use today had their origins in the English Navy and their colorful lives at sea. Here are a few interesting ones:

As the crow flies: 
Unsure of their position, the crew would release a caged crow, which would fly straight to nearest land.

Wind fall:
A favorable sudden wind allowing a ship more leeway.

Over a Barrel :
The unfortunate position of being flogged over the barrel of a deck cannon.

The foot or bottom of the sail, when not secured, is called footloose and dances randomly.        

A sailor who consumed too much watered-down rum was considered groggy.

3 Sheets to the wind:
A three-masted ship staggering and wandering aimlessly downwind, with the sheets of the three lower-course sails loose.

Skyscraper :
A small triangular light wind sail flown above the sky sail.

Slush fund:
Slush fat was the result of boiling salted meat barrels, then selling it in port for the benefit of the crew.

A square meal:
In good weather, a meal served on a square wooden platter.

The scuttlebutt was the barrel with a hole to drink water from. The ship’s gossip was exchanged around the scuttlebutt.

To toe the line:
When called to attention, the crew would line up with their toe touching a seam in the deck planking.

Fly by night:
Requiring little attention, a large sail used for downwind sailing.

The prohibited and confused mess of mixing rubbish with ship’s cargo.

Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey:
The brass triangles used to hold cannon balls were called monkeys. Extreme cold would make the triangles contract, causing the balls to fall off.

As you see, Seafarers' Education has ranged far and wide, with topics both useful and fascinating.  Many thanks to Bill for this bit of enlightenment.



Cruising Report: by Gary Cameron, Director

Greetings fellow seafarers from a very cool and damp Connecticut. Our May cruising calendar consisted of three events beginning with a cruise to Palm Island Marina. The suspect weather turned in our favor and although there were only three boats who made the trip we had a number of land yacht people who made the trip Thursday and Friday to enjoy good company and dinner at the Rum Bay restaurant on Friday evening. Andy Nikitch led a raft up at Sunset Lake on the 18th, four boats, two jet skis and one dinghy gathered to share snacks and good company.

The final event for the month was a lunch cruise coordinated by our commodore Harry to the Waterside Grille. Originally scheduled for the 24th the cruise was moved to Friday the 26th due to some heavy winds. Always a popular location, 26 seafarers enjoyed a great lunch.

We currently have two cruising events scheduled for June. Jack Gardner is scheduled to lead a lunch cruise to the Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island and Harry is set to lead another lunch cruise to the Burnt Store Marina and the Cass Cay restaurant. Both cruises are listed on our website please sign up and take advantage of the efforts that our cruise leaders put into providing all of us an opportunity to both cruise and gather together.

Hoping that we may actually see the sun this week in Connecticut, Gail and I wish all our fellow seafarers safe and happy cruising.



Lunch Cruise to Tarpon Lodge
June 14

Lunch Cruise to Cass Cay
June 28


Social Events: by Mike Slattery, Director

May was a really busy month for the Seafarers.

 Both happy hours at St. Andrews were well attended and fun for all.

 On May 17th 8 Seafarers went bowling at Bowland in Port Charlotte. The bowling was great fun and a great time was had by all.  Steve Tennis won the grand prize by accumulating the highest pin total over the 3 games.

We had a docktails pot luck dinner at the 23rd general meeting that was enjoyed by all.   Great thanks to all the volunteers that helped with setup, in the kitchen, and with cleanup.  And, a great big thank you to everyone who brought such tasty docktails.

Don't forget the happy hours at St. Andrews on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

Coming up in June we'll be going back to the Ice House for more trivia.  Everyone who went last time had a great time.  Once the details are firmed up I'll let everybody know. Cheers!



Ice House Trivia
Details to be Announced


Events at a Glance


Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
Lunch Cruise to Tarpon Lodge
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
General Membership Meeting PGICA 5:30 pm
Lunch Cruise to Cass Cay at Burnt Store


The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Our Cynthia Cowdrey is back as the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should contact her. 

Her email is ladyofpalmas@hotmail.com and her phone number is 941-575-5671.


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