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November 2014



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Saddle Up, Pardners...  

and show the Seafarers some True Grit at the Old Wild West Annual Regatta - you know you wanta!

Ginger Crumbaugh and her ranch hands have rounded up a great bunch of activities and events for everyone - topped by the Talent Show.   So practice up yur square dancin' or yur bull ridin' (you bring the bull) 'cause what's a talent show without talent?   Waal shucks, some of the best talent don't even know it 'til it's up in front of people.

For our returning snowbirds or any other Seafarers who may have forgotten how to connect to the new calendar or membership list - or you want to change your membership info from your summer address -- we've once again repeated the link to the new website presentation here.

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Commodore's Report: by Eric Norlin

            I had a singular experience on our recent cruise to �Tween Waters, hosted by Bill and Carol Miller with John and Terry in a supporting role. I went alone. For the first time on my boat there was no one else aboard, not my usual First Mate, Leeann, and not even Cooper the cat. Now, this may be no big deal for many of you grizzled veterans, but for me it was, let�s say, different. With no one to take the helm, opportunity (and the auto-pilot) can�t be ignored for trips to the fridge and the head. The ICW is not a good choice of locations to go below, but Charlotte Harbor was not too busy and the run from ICW-38 to the �Tween entrance offered sufficient time for Zinful to manage on her own, briefly.

            �Solo� also creates a higher level of vigilance. That quick instrument scan of temperature and oil pressure became a little more frequent. I was clearly not going to be able to be in the engine room and at the helm, simultaneously. When the time came, docking could get adventurous � �Whadaya mean back in!!� And what if I fell into shark-infested waters?

            Of course, the truth is I was not on the Kon Tiki. The harbor and ICW were calm, there were beautiful days coming and going, and I thoroughly enjoyed my cigar. Take yourself out some day -- it is quite different.



Membership Report: by Joe Preece, Director

            Our Membership is currently at 308 and I would like to welcome our newest members. Joe & Susan Della-Corte both come from long time military back grounds and have therefore lived in many places including the DC, New York and California areas and they own a 27� power boat the �Just Lovin It�. Andy & Sandy Nikitich are part time Punta Gorda residents alternating with Lowville, NY. They own a 27.5� powerboat the �Andys Toy�. Mike & Ann Slattery have been boating for over 50 years including Mike�s active duty in the U.S. Navy. Combined with their knowledge of video and audio production I am sure there are many committees who can use their skills. All three of these couples come to us by way of the Newcomers Club so welcome them soon.

            As the end of the year approaches it will soon be time to pay your annual dues.  A good way to keep track of your dues payment status is to check at the top of the Seafarers calendar page each time after you have sign in. Starting in November and running through the end of January there will a small notice in red just below your name telling you if you have paid your 2015 dues or not. This notice will only appear for the member who has logged in. The best and most secure way to pay those dues is to send a check made out to SEAFARERS to my house at 3335 Trinidad Ct., Punta Gorda, FL 33950

            If anyone is still having issues with the Members Only portion of the web site, please let me know and we will set up a help session.


joepreece33@gmail.com or 918-645-8372

Education Report: by Joe Longo, Director

Emergency Repairs

            Back when I was up North and a very active boater, most of my summer weekends from April to November were spent on the water, and at least every other weekend I would make a 2 - 5 hour trip somewhere to go fishing out on the Atlantic Ocean or out to Montauk or Block Island for the weekend.  I did a lot of maintenance on my boat to make sure that I would be back home on Sunday afternoon or evening.  Being a business owner, I had to be there on Monday morning.  It�s inevitable that no matter how much maintenance you do you�re always bound by �Murphy�s Law� which says, �If it can happen it will happen.� To tilt the odds in my favor I always had a lot of backup parts on board, things like hoses, belts, clamps, bolts and nuts, sealant, wire, epoxy glue, duct tape, electrical connectors, wire, and a can of WD-40.  I could go on and on but you get the drift.

            I recently came across an article written by Steve Rutherford when he was Education Director back in 2008 and it was titled �Tape to the Rescue�.  Steve had been talking to our 2008 Commodore, Barry Jollett, about a new product called �Rescue Tape.�  It seems that this product stretches, is self-bonding making a permanent seal, can withstand 700 PSI of pressure, resists heat, is air and watertight, and is also a good electrical insulator.  A product like this is definitely the type of thing that should be in your emergency kit.  Now the one thing that you need to do is take a pad of paper and pencil, go down to your boat, and make a list of all the emergency items you have on board, and then make a list of things you need to add.  I have noticed down here that the marinas don�t keep much in stock for emergency repairs.  It�s a good feeling being out on the water and knowing you�re ready for anything. 

            Remember, Safety on the Water is No Accident



Cruising News: by Jack Gardner, Director

            We are only three weeks into October and we already have had three cruises. The weather is getting milder and the boats are coming off the lifts. For those of you who belong to the club but don�t cruise, just read what you are missing.

             October 7th was a lunch cruise up the Peace River to the Nav-A-Gator. John and Debbie Grabau led this cruise. The weather prediction said rain so they converted it to a land cruise. The only one going by boat was the fearless Harry Ensley who said, �Damn the weather, full speed ahead�. He made it to the Navigator and back before the rain hit. Good for you Harry!  20 Seafarers were on hand and as usual the Nav-A-Gator motto was followed, �We are not even half fast, just slow�. But who cares, the food and conversation were great.  Click here to see the photos.

            October 10th Mike and Carla Clark finally had a successful raft up at Sunset Lake. This was their third try at getting it done. In the past weather and lack of participants caused them to cancel. I have to give them credit for their persistence. Everyone had such a great time they were exclaiming why don�t we do this more often. Hopefully we can. Again thanks to the Clarks.

             October 17th, Bill and Carol Miller led a marina cruise to Tween Waters. The weather was fantastic, and so was the cruise. Look at this full itinerary: Friday night Docktails; Saturday Boat Renaming Party; afternoon pool parties; Bocce Ball contest; Saturday night cocktails; plus a wonderful dinner at the Yacht Club. By the way John and Terry Miller are the new Bocce champs. What a great job and to think Carol did it all with a boot on.

              While we're talking about photos, we didn't have them last month for the South Seas cruise at the end of September, so click here and you can see them all.

            Coming up in November we have the Regatta at Burnt Store Marina, which promises to be an outstanding fun event.

            November 18th Ron and Judy Stafford will lead a cruise to Capt�n Con�s, which has the best Fish Chowder in Southwest Florida. I don�t even like fish and I order it. It is that good. The pies are made on site and are stupendous, if you have any room left. Normally there is really skinny water getting to the docks, but Ron has picked a day where the tides should allow most 30-inch draft boats to get in. Sign up for this treat.

            Marji Cyr is working with Nancy Bartell of the Mariner�s to put together a joint cruise up to the Sarasota area in January. Keep checking the calendar, as that should be a lot of fun.


Please note new email: 4jackgardner@gmail.com


Annual Regatta
November 7-9

Lunch Cruise to Capt'n Con's
November 18

Social Events: by Walt Zink,  Director and Bev Riggs, Co-Director

            Welcome back snowbirds. It looks like summer is starting to slip away and the weather is perfect here in paradise. The BBQ was a great success, and thank you to Betty Bernz for chairing this event.   For something new, click here to see a video created by Bruce Tompkins.

           Also from Bruce, click here to see photos of the Chili Cook-off at the October 28 General Membership meeting.

            Coming up next is our annual Seafarers Regatta at Burnt Store Marina on November 7-9. Ginger Crumbaugh and her committee have put together a fun weekend with an Old Wild West theme including a talent show which should be great fun. Check the online club calendar to sign up for the Regatta, and also to sign up for our Thanksgiving feast after the general meeting on November 25.  Our change of watch party at the Isles Yacht Club is December 12 and will be here before you know it.

Enjoy the weather!

Bev and Walt


November 7 - 9

Thanksgiving Feast
November 25

Change of Watch Party
December 12


 Events at a Glance  


Old Wild West Regatta at Burnt Store Marina
Social at St. Andrews Country Club 5-7 pm
Lunch Cruise to Capt'n Cons
General Membership Meeting  PGICA 5:30 pm
followed by Thanksgiving Dinner

 The Sunshine Lady - Cynthia Cowdrey

Cynthia Cowdrey is the Sunshine Lady for the Seafarers.  So if you hear of anyone who is ill or is hospitalized, or of anyone who has lost a family member, you should contact her. 

Her email is ladyofpalmas@hotmail.com and her phone number is 941-575-5671



Membership Meeting Minutes -- Click here to view.


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